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What To Expect

  1. Keynote 9 - 9:15 am

    State of the [Growth] Union

    Richard Wood

    Six & Flow, CEO

  2. Keynote 9:15 - 10 am

    Customers, Fans and Growth

    Joe Glover

    The Marketing Meetup, Co-Founder

    Everyone speaks about gaining new customers from your marketing. Few speak about keeping the ones that you have and helping them find you new customers. That's a little bananas - we all know the power of word of mouth. With that in mind - how do you keep your customers and turn them into your advocates? In this session, we explore!

  3. KEYNOTE 10 - 10:35 am

    Why Customer Success is indispensable to your business

    Kay Mukherjee
    Group Vice President - Global Adoption and Retention (EMEA), Splunk

    Customer Success teams play a critical role to protect and grow your ARR. Kay will share her 5 key “aha” moments, distilled from over the last 10 years of her experience as a CS Leader, to prove the value of CS and make CS indispensable. Join us as we unlock the secrets of how to build the strategy for a world class retention model that will elevate your business to the next level of success.

  4. KEYNOTE 10:50 - 11:30 AM

    Revolutionising CX: The AI-Powered Evolution and Future Landscape

    Mike Kane
    SVP Global Partner Sales, Dialpad Ai

    Join Mike Kane, SVP, Global Partner Sales at Dialpad, as he walks you through mastering the art of integrating AI for an enhanced customer experience (CX). In this session, you’ll learn how to embrace the shift towards AI-first CX and leverage customer intelligence for informed decision-making. Seize the opportunity to optimise your contact centre, align with evolving customer needs, and unleash the potential of AI for unparalleled service excellence.

  5. CS Panel 11:30am - 12:00pm

    The Evolution of Customer Support: From Reactive to Proactive

    Andy Turner, Salesloft, Jennifer Yorke, Ometria, Jaeger Dyble, Six & Flow

    Join us as we explore the shift from reactive to proactive customer support. Proactive customer service has emerged as a top trend, with 55% of high performers predicting customer needs over 80% of the time. This session will explore the strategies that are empowering service teams to anticipate and act on customer data quickly and intelligently to transition from reactive to proactive customer support. Learn how high-performing teams are tripling their ability to anticipate customer needs and setting new standards for service in 2024.

  6. KEYNOTE 12:45 - 13:25 PM

    Transitioning from Growth at All Costs to Sustainable, Data-Driven Strategies

    Mark Barry
    VP of Sales & Managing Director (EMEA), HubSpot

    Moving away from the high-risk 'Growth At All Costs' approach, Mark Barry will delve into the benefits of sustainable, data-driven growth models that prioritise long-term success over short-term gains. This is more than a simple shift in perspective—it's a paradigm change in how businesses should perceive and pursue growth. Discover how to harness data, artificial intelligence, and RevOps to drive sustainable growth.

  7. CMO Panel 1:25 - 1:55 pm

    Key Themes for Broadening Marketing Impact in 2024

    Jo Scalpello, Trafalgar Entertainment Group, Auberie Marceau, Dialpad Ai, Maegan Toups, Airswift, Sarah Moonje, Six & Flow

    In this panel, we'll delve into the top priorities for CMOs in 2024. Whether you're looking to enhance lead quality, reduce acquisition costs, or strengthen brand recognition, this session will equip you with the insights you need. Discover how these trends can empower you to lead your teams towards marketing success. This session is your roadmap to becoming a holistic revenue and growth driver in your organisation.

  8. Keynote 2:10 - 2:50 pm

    Year of the Buyer

    Malvina El-Sayegh

    Director of Revenue Enablement, Oyster®

    Traditional sales training methods have failed to keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations and needs of today's buyers. Influenced by next-day deliveries, TikTok, Instagram, and more, our purchasing habits are continuously evolving, impacting even the B2B SaaS industry. This session explores the complexities of selling in a world where buying is becoming increasingly intricate, with 95% of a buyer's journey occurring without direct interaction, and an average of 14 stakeholders involved in the buying process.

  9. Sales Panel 2:50 - 3:20 pm

    Growth at all costs is dead. Now what?

    Peter Lorant, HubSpot, Emily Greenhalgh, Typeform, Rob Sale, Six & Flow

    Gone are the days of free money and, with it, the growth-at-all-costs operating playbook. As we transition into our new realities, changing times call for new strategies. Boards now favour strategies that deliver long-term, durable growth through productivity, efficiency, and, above all, providing value to the customer. In response, GTM leaders everywhere are rapidly changing their playbooks, including partnership leaders. The partner strategies and playbooks aligned under the old model no longer apply. Growth-at-all-costs is giving way to value-at-all-costs, and the playbooks are different. In this panel, we'll discuss how strategies are evolving to support a value-first approach and how GTM teams must work together to achieve outsized results in a volatile market.
  10. Keynote 3:20 - 4 PM

    The Day You Become a Better Writer

    Harry Dry

    MarketingExamples.com, Founder

    Thirteen interactive problems, puzzles, and prizes. The goal? To make world-class copywriting feel less mythical and more mathematical.


Harry Dry - Marketingexamples.com

Harry Dry



Auberie Marceau - Marketing Director, EMEA Dialpad

Auberie Marceau

Marketing Director, EMEA


Mark Barry | Vice President of Sales & Managing Director, EMEA

Mark Barry

VP of Sales & Managing Director, EMEA


Malvina EL-Sayegh - Oyster®

Malvina EL-Sayegh

Director of Revenue Enablement

Joe Glover
Joe Glover


The Marketing Meetup

Jo Scalpello | Group Marketing Director at Trafalgar Entertainment

Jo Scalpello

Group Marketing Director

Trafalgar Entertainment

Richard Wood | CEO of Six & Flow

Richard Wood


Six & Flow

Meagan Toups

Maegan Toups

VP of Marketing


Jaeger Dyble | Head of Client Services

Jaeger Dyble

Head of Client Services

Six & Flow

Rob Sale | Head of Partnerships and Country Manager

Rob Sale

Head of Partnerships and Country Manager

Six & Flow

Andy Turner | EMEA Partnerships at Drift

Andy Turner

EMEA Partnerships Lead


Sarah Moonje | Sr Marketing Manager at Six & Flow

Sarah Moonje

Sr. Growth Marketer
Six & Flow

Mike Kane, SVP Global Partner Sales, Dialpad Ai

Mike Kane

SVP Global Partner Sales

Dialpad Ai

Peter Lorant, Global VP of Partner Business Development HubSpot

Peter Lorant

Global VP of Partner Business Development


Jennifer Yorke, Chief Customer Officer at Ometria

Jennifer Yorke

Jennifer Yorke, Chief Customer Officer


Kay Mukherjee

Kay Mukherjee

Group Vice President - Global Adoption and Retention (EMEA)

Emily Greenhalgh, Head of Sales at Typeform

Emily Greenhalgh

Head of Sales


What's Coming Your Way

The Agenda

June 14 2024
  1. Growth Nation

    State of the [Growth] Nation & Keynote

    Richard Wood, CEO at Six & Flow

  2. Building A Caring & Committed Community

    Building A Caring & Committed Community

    Joe Glover, Founder of The Marketing Meetup

  3. Customer Success

    Generative AI

    Dan O’Connell, Chief AI and Strategy Officer at Dialpad Ai

    CS Panel

    Andy Turner, Phil McHugh, 

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  4. Marketing

    Marketing In 2024

    Harry Dry, Founder of marketingexamples.com

    CMO Panel

    Jo Scalpello, Auberie Marceau, Rebekah, & Sarah Moonje

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  5. Sales

    Revenue Enablement

    Partnerships Panel 

    Peter Lorant, Niall Madden, Rob Sale, & Jo Wright

  6. Happy Hour

    Happy Hour & After Party

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the Growth Summit?

The Growth Summit is a premier community-led event focused on experimentation, collaboration, and education in the realm of revenue growth. Tailored for forward-thinking go-to-market leaders, this summit serves as a unique opportunity for executives to connect, share insights, and explore cutting-edge strategies for driving growth. 

When and where is the Growth Summit?

Join us the 14th of  June at the music venue, Band on The Wall in Manchester.

How much do tickets cost?

£75  for “Early Bird” admission through February 23rd.

£100 for All Access.

£200 for VIP access. 

Tickets at group and academic rates will be made available. To access education discounts, please email hello@sixandflow.com to inquire about availability and additional registration requirements.

What does the ticket price include?

Tickets include all food and beverage, access to networking, keynotes and panel discussions. Additional add-ons like the after-party, VIP lounge and more are included in the VIP ticket package.

Tickets do not include trains, hotels, or transportation, but we can offer tools to help you plan your trip.

Are there any ticket restrictions?

Ticket purchases are non-refundable, but a transfer can be requested. To transfer tickets, attendees must email hello@sixnandflow.com otherwise the ticket will be inadmissible.

Will food and drink be provided?

Food and drink is offered by Nibble NQ. A selection of meal options will be provided to accommodate dietary restrictions. After purchasing your ticket, you will be prompted to input your dietary restrictions. 

Can you recommend any hotels near the event venue?

We've curated a list of comfortable and conveniently located hotels for your stay during the Growth Summit. Please download the list here.


Who can I contact if my question wasn’t answered here?

Please reach out to hello@sixandflow.com for any additional inquiries.